10 MUST HAVES for Spring

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It is finally spring and I am stoked about it. It seemed like winter lasted FOREVER. I am so excited about a change in the weather. Ever since I can remember, spring has been my favorite season because it's not too hot/cold; it's just right.

I decided to write about the top 10 things I think every girl needs for spring. I have found all of these items to be essential for the spring season. I feel like we can bring in spring 2018 with justice if you own these 10 items;)

1.) Denim Jacket.

Yes mam!!! I am in love with denim jackets. They add style to any outfit. I feel like denim is a hot fashion trend, especially for this spring season. You can go to Target, American Eagle, and also Old Navy. Always make sure you peek in thrift stores as well.

I found this one at the Goodwill thrift store; such a steal!

Goodwill- $3.00

2.) Morphe 35O- 35 Eyeshadow Palette.

I am in love with all of the Morphe palettes, but I think this one defines the spring season colors. It contains lots of neutral tones and bright orange/ red colors. Top it all off with the light shade of highlighters and you're all set. Did I mention this palette is only $23.00? It is amazing!

Morphe- $23.00- https://www.morphebrushes.com/products/35o?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googleshopping&variant=4982012353&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7rTbydOR2gIVk-DICh0fXwqPEAQYASABEgLIZfD_BwE


3.) Bondi Sands Self Tanner.

This stuff is literally the greatest thing since sliced bread. Self tanner is the way to go. Tanning beds damage your skin and if you have sensitive skin like mine, it is hard to get out in the sun without getting burned. Have a tan this spring by using Bondi Sands. It will last you months and you can bring in spring with glowy, tan skin!

 Bondi Sands- $24.00 


4.) JORD Watch.

Does JORD watches sound familiar? I did a blog post on it a few weeks ago. I am in love with my JORD watch. I think they make the perfect statement piece for spring. The company is incredible and I am a huge fan of this item. I am obsessed with my watch; I never want to take it off! 



5.) Mac Waterproof Foundation.

I have tried every foundation known to man and this is by far this best that I have found. I have been wearing Mac Foundation for 2 years. I tell everyone about it; it is just that good! As the weather gets warmer, pool (and sweat LOL) days are in the near future. Mac Waterproof foundation stays on your skin and lasts all throughout the day. 


6.) Hoop Earrings.

Hoop earrings are so in right now. They make for any outfit. I always think Claire's or Agaci has the best selections. 



7.) Romper

I know that rompers were pretty big last summer, but I still think they make for a great outfit for spring. As the weather is getting warmer, shorts are gonna be worn soon and what is not to love about a romper? It's shorts and a shirt all in one!


8.) Statement Sunglasses. 

Although I am a fan of Rayban sunglasses, I find myself in the cheaper sunglasses section every time I go shopping. I believe with sunglasses, the more the merrier! They don't necessarily have to be top name brand; there are so many cute sunglasses out there!

I found these for $6.99 at Target :)


9.) Maxi Dress. 

I think Maxi Dresses scream spring season. I have always loved maxi dresses. They are so comfortable and you can just throw them on and go. Plus, I always wear my wedges with them. A maxi dress makes me look 5x taller, LOL.

Ross- $15.99




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