Gatlinburg 2018

  Heyy!!! I hope ya'll are having an amazing Monday. The weather in Alabama has been so nice this past week, other than a few rain showers.  It feels like spring. Winter was so long and dreary. This weather can make anyone feel great! 

  On president's day weekend, I took a lil getaway trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with my mom, little brother and my boyfriend Colby. We had so much fun! We left Saturday morning around 9AM and arrived about 1PM. The weather there was around 40 degrees. That Saturday night, we walked around downtown Gatlinburg. There are all of these little shops, attractions and good places to eat. It started raining around 6PM and poured all night long:( but we still had a blast! We went into this little bar in the middle of downtown called Hog's Tavern and played pool with this sweet couple who was also from Alabama.  Side note: I am TERRIBLE at pool. I literally lost the game for us LOL. I'm still glad I got to play. 


On Sunday morning we got up around 7AM and hit the ski slopes. We got on the tram to take us to the top of the mountain. The tram always freaks me out just because we were so high in the air on what seems like a tight rope. 

This is what the tram looks like. 

(Kinda freaky right?!?) 

When we got to the top of the mountain, we received our ski's and our boots. I haven't been skiing in about 3 years so it was basically like I had to relearn everything. Colby had never been before so we were both in need of some training! We went down the mini "child" hill about 3 times and did terrible. Colby and I both fell; on the SMALLEST mountain. Mom suggested we go to the next hill. I was like "sounds good. I think we could at least do the second hill." We hop on the chairlift and start riding up.

After about 5 minutes, I realize something. WE GOT ON THE WRONG CHAIRLIFT. We got on the chairlift that goes to the black diamond slope; the hardest slope there. I start yelling at mom saying "OMG! We took the wrong chairlift!" When we got off, I look down the mountain and thought "there is no way in H. E. double L. that I am doing this." I look over at Colby and I know he is thinking the same thing. As I looked down the mountain I realize that there is one thing holding me back from going down it; fear of crashing. I look at mom and I say "screw it, I am going down." Turns out I started going to fast and crashed at the bottom of the first slope. From the top of the mountain it probably looked hilarious. I could not help but laugh at myself because I looked so funny! I was a little embarrased though because I wanted to show Colby and my mom that I could do it. After I struggled to get up, I jerked my ski's off and walked the rest of the way down the mountain. I bet it took me 35 min to get down it. By this time the sun was out and I was hardcore SWEATING. That mountain had done me in and when I got to the bottom I turned my skiing gear in and called it quits. Hopefully next time we go the snow won't be so icy and it will be easier to ski on! (also also we will be more experienced before we take the biggest hill there LOL).



Here's a couple of pics of us that I featured on my Instagram... haha we both wiped out right after we took these!!


That Saturday night we got dressed up a lil bit, grabbed a bite to eat and got in bed early for the car ride home the next morning. 

On Sunday before we left, Colby and I went to the Flapjack Pancake House for breakfast. He got Reese's Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Pancakes. It looked like a heart attack on a plate!! Haha It was probably one the best breakfast dishes I have ever had. 

We loaded everything up and got home around 2PM on Sunday. I still haven't unpacked a single thing. I am terrible about leaving my suitcase packed when I get home from a trip. It is still laying in my bedroom floor! 

If you are looking for a reasonable weekend getaway that is unique, I totally would recommend going to Gatlinburg! It's perfect for a trip with your family or with your boyfriend/girlfriend. (Ladies, get him to to take you on a trip... without breaking his wallet!) There is so much to do for all ages and everything is within walking distance of each other. Plus you can go in the winter or the summer! 


See you next year Gatlinburg.. you have my heart!! <3

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