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Happy Monday everybody! I hope you're having a fantastic day. This past week I had a write with my friend Britney Monroe (@britneymonroe) and a show at Belcourt Taps in Nashville!

Before going to Britney's, I stopped for lunch at a cute restaurant in Hillsboro called McDoogle's. I got a salad with grilled chicken and it was sooo good.

Then it was off to Britney's for the write. 

 I showed up at Britney's house with my guitar, notepad, phone and my laptop. The first thing I do before I start any write is pull out my phone and check my "hook book" page in my notes app. A hook is basically a title or the main line in the song. The hook is the backbone for the song. I also already have a melody in my head (I always have one going constantly) and I usually try to record that in my voice memos. Most of the time when a writer is writing with you, you'll get the question "Are you a lyrical or melody writer?" Personally me... I always have the melody before the lyrics. Melodies always help me set the tone of the song. 

Usually the writer and I will just talk about life for the first 20 minutes of the write. How they are doing, what's been going on in their life, etc;

Typically my writes with Britany always start off by talking about... you guessed it... relationships. (whoop!)  Boyfriends, ex boyfriends, guys that we would like to be our boyfriends, (lol)  and so on.

So recently Britney had broken up with this guy that was not very clear about the breakup. He lied to Britney about where he was at and who he was with... and (you get where this is going.) Obiviuosly that was a really stupid move on the guy's part. Eventually, they broke up but the guy still had one thing of her's....... her car key. AND HE KEPT IT. He then would not respond to her texts or anything about the key. This went on for weeks. The car key was a fob too (which is an ELECTRIC car key) and they are extremely expensive to replace. Britney (and also me) were P. Oed. 

So of course...  what are we going to do about the situation? WRITE A FREAKING SONG ABOUT YOU, BOY, WHO STEALS CAR KEYS. 

He got what he deserved. 

Eventually Britney was able to get in touch with his roommate and she finally got the key back from him, but it was so silly how he kept it! 

We actually wound up writing half of the song that day and are in the process of  finishing it. The song is titled "GAME OVER." It is such a cute, funny song and every line is personal and raw about this boy who was NOT making good decisions in the relationship. 

I am hoping to put the song on Sound Cloud soon so you guys can go and take a listen!

I learned 3 things in that write that day:

1.) always just make a clean break in the relationship (because things can get messy.)

2.) Britany Monroe is one of the best singers in Nashville, HANDS DOWN.

3.) Don't steal car keys from people. 

I also had a show at Belcourt Taps with Rachel Dixon and Kiera Stella! (@racheldixonmusic) (@kiera.stella)

We had so much fun and Belcourt is one of my favorite places to play in Nash. 


It was such a fun week! Next Monday I'll be featuring a blog post about my favorite watch company, Jord Watches. I've teamed up with the company so ya'll can win some goodies and see what the product is all about!! Be looking out for it!

Thanks for reading, see you next Monday<3


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